Public Speaking

Chris’s enthusiasm for the opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution and expertise in diversity and inclusion make him a popular public speaker. 

Drawing on his incredible experiences in the Paralympic movement as both Britain’s greatest Paralympic swimmer and later as Director at London 2012, Chris has extensive experience of public speaking in the UK and abroad. His repertoire includes keynotes, after dinner speeches, conference and panel session chairing and interview or fireside chats.

His life experience teaches any audience that no matter the obstacle, anything is possible and he communicates this powerful message with incredible warmth, humour and humility.

Chris has worked recently with corporate clients including Adidas, Aviva, Barclays, BP, Citibank and Nomura and speaks on topics ranging from the future of work to diversity and inclusion often with specific focus on innovation, crisis management, leadership or delivering against a vision.

As a qualified solicitor Chris is a popular speaker with law firms.

Every speech is prepared for a particular audience. Chris liaises directly with event organisers in advance so as to tailor a presentation to their specific needs.

Recent testimonials:

Fantastic motivational speaker, I left feeling positive and energised.

An excellent session, Lord Holmes was very inspiring and an engaging speaker. The best session I have attended.

Witty and on point. We were delighted that he could speak at our event.

Presentation Topics

  • “Being the leader of my own life” (A personal and moving story about a young boy from the Midlands who never expected to become the first person to enter the House of Lords with a guide dog!)   
  • “Vulnerability as standard” (A compelling illustration of the essential role of vulnerability and trust in effective teamwork )
  • “Decisions as an inclusive process” or “Thinking differently, delivering decisively” (How to build an inclusive culture is always a top speech topic but these titles are an example of the way in which Chris works closely with clients to personalise his presentations and ensure they are just right for each organisation)
  • “Working with the ‘co-bots’” (What does an ‘AI’ future mean for humans? Chris sat on the Lords Select Committee on AI and is an expert on DLT/blockchain and various emerging technologies )
  • “Making hybrid working work for everyone” (Covid accelerated trends we couldn’t have imagined just three years ago but how do we ensure hybrid working provides personalised employee experiences, increased productivity and better business outcomes)

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