Disappointment as Premier League Fails to Keep Promise.

Chris speaking to a BBC journalist about accessible stadia. Cameraman filming. Standing on pavement outside the Palace of Westminster
BBC Interview about accessible stadia

More than a third of Premier League clubs, including two of the richest teams in the world, will not have adequate facilities for disabled fans by August 2017.

Accessible Stadia

Chelsea, Liverpool, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth are all set to miss an agreed deadline to bring their stadiums up to the minimum standards for disabled access, according to the disabled fans organisation Level Playing Field (LPF).

Last year, all Premier League clubs pledged to improve their stadium facilities for disabled supporters and increase the numbers of wheelchair user spaces by August 2017, as set out in the Accessible Stadia Guidance (ASG).

Broken Promises

However, in meetings with the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which took the league to task last year over inadequate accessibility provisions, the Premier League has now acknowledged that many will miss the deadline.

Commenting on the lack of progress, Chris Holmes, EHRC Disability Commissioner said:

“All clubs agreed to make the minimum recommended improvements for disabled fans over two years. We are now at half-time, and for many teams, the performance is simply unacceptable.”

Chris Holmes

The Commission has warned that clubs could now face legal action.

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