Select Committees

Artificial Intelligence Select Committee, 2017-2018

Chris currently sits on the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence. The committee has been established to consider the pace of technological change, the social and economic impact, and ethical considerations around Artificial Intelligence. The committee findings and recommendations will be published in April 2018.

Chris announced as member

Finafingers adding a pound coin to a pile of coinsncial Exclusion Select Committee, 2016-2017

Chris was appointed to the Financial Exclusion Committee in 2016. The committee was set up to consider the problems faced by people who have difficulty accessing or using the mainstream financial services that are necessary to participate in daily economic life and society. The committee findings and recommendations were published in March 2017. Chris spoke at major Fintech conference in April referring to the report and highlighting the incredible possibilities of technology in this area and the need to always ask will this enable and empower?

Full report and recommendations


Social Mobility Select Committee, 2015-2016

In June 2015 Chris was appointed to the Social Mobility Select Committee, to consider social mobility in the transition from school to work. Findings were published in a report called “Overlooked and left behind: improving the transition from school to work for the majority of young people” which called for action to address the current situation in which young people who do not follow an academic route face a system that is “complex and incoherent.”

Full report and recommendations

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Digital Skills Committee, 2014-2015

Chris was also a member of the Digital Skills Committee, established to examine the digital capability of the nation, particularly competitiveness and skills.

Report and recommendations

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