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Chris is active in the Lords. His particular areas of  interest and expertise have led him to speak across a range of areas including: sports, transport, economy, pensions, employment, digital infrastructure, skills and disability and inclusion.

Recent Contributions:

All Contributions in 2014-2015 Session

All Contributions in 2013-2014 Session


HoLportcullis Select Committees

Artificial Intelligence Select Committee, 2017-2018

Financial Exclusion Select Committee, 2016-2017

In the 2016-17 session Chris was a member of the Financial Exclusion Committee, set up to consider the problems faced by people who have difficulty accessing or using the mainstream financial services that are necessary to participate in daily economic life and society.

Social Mobility Select Committee, 2015-2016

In June 2015 Chris was appointed to the Social Mobility Select Committee, to consider social mobility in the transition from school to work. Recommendations stressed the need for a cohesive system: a core curriculum for those aged 14 –19, with tailor made academic or vocational elements, a gold standard in careers advice, and careers education in schools that empowers young people to make good decisions about their future.

Digital Skills Select Committee, 2014-2015

Chris was also a member of the Digital Skills Committee, established to examine the digital capability of the nation, particularly competitiveness and skills. The Committee observed the huge challenge and potential of the digital opportunity and their report was titled ‘Make or Break’, which stressed the need for both  hard and soft infrastructure to enable both individuals and the nation to thrive in changing world.


HoLportcullis  All-Party Parliamentary Groups

Chris is Vice Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on FinTech, which was set up to raise buy valtrex generic awareness in Parliament of the growing importance of Financial Technology (FinTech) to the UK economy, to policy-making and to consumers. It aims to promote a regulatory framework that encourages a growing, inclusive and competitive FinTech industry, and seeks to investigate the potential applications of FinTech including peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, digital currencies, internet banking etc.

Chris is also a member of the All-Party Parliamentary University Group, which was founded in 1994 by MPs and Peers to establish a dialogue between parliamentarians and university leaders on the issues concerning higher education. The University APPG’s objective is to be the main avenue of communication between parliamentarians and vice-chancellors of the UK’s universities; and to provide an opportunity to examine issues affecting the country’s university sector and university research which is influencing public policy and higher level skills.


HoLportcullis Peers in Schools

The Peers in Schools Programme is part of the House of Lords outreach work, which aims to raise awareness of the Lords and encourage people to get involved in its work. Chris undertakes many visits to schools around the UK to talk to them about his work in the House of Lords and the House of Lords more generally. To arrange a visit from a House of Lords member to your school or sixth form college, contact the Lord Speaker’s office on 020 7219 6444 or email


lords-favicon Lord of the Blogs

Chris is a regular contributor to a blog in which several Peers talk about life and work in the House of Lords.

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