Chris announced as member of House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence

Chris has been appointed to a new House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence or AI, is a topical issue, given the ongoing pace of technological advances and there are a number of interesting angles which the Committee might focus on, ranging from the rate of technological change, to economic and social issues, and even ethical issues. This will be an ad hoc Committee meaning its work will be conducted within one session of Parliament and a final report will be published by the end of March 2018.

A call for evidence has not yet be published but is likely to invite contributions on the following topics: • Pace of technological change • Relationship between developments in artificial intelligence and productivity growth; • Creation of new jobs; • Sectors and occupations buy lasix online canadian pharmacy most at threat from automation. • Economic and social issues • The role of Government in the event of widespread job displacement; • Further education and training, for both children and adults; • Unemployment support, including the case for a universal basic income; • Government funding for artificial intelligence-related research and development. • Ethical issues • The Government’s role in monitoring the safety and fairness of artificial intelligence; • Transparency around the use of ‘big data’; • Privacy rights of individuals; • General principles for the development and application of artificial intelligence.

The work of the Committee will build upon Chris’s areas of interest and expertise and he is delighted to have been appointed.

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