4th Industrial Revolution

Chris is a passionate advocate for the potential of technology and the opportunities presented by the 4th Industrial Revolution. His interest and expertise is heavily focused on understanding how new technologies can serve us all. He is often quoted as saying:

Technology does not need to be miraculous but it must be sufficient. Does it solve a problem? Does it enable and include?

Innovation and Inclusion

Chris speaks often on the interplay between inclusion and innovation and chairs a Parliamentary group on Assistive Technology. Chris is also involved in a Parliamentary group on Fintech, particularly related to financial inclusion.

Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies

In November 2017 Chris published a report that calls on the Government to explore how Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) can be used for public good.

One year on a progress update has just been published: DLT for Public Good – Progress Update October 2018

Handled correctly, this technology could have a huge number of potential applications across many different sectors. Chris has been urging the government to ensure that they act now to ensure the benefit is realised for the public good.

Digital Skills & Artificial Intelligence

Chris’s time on House of Lords Select Committee’s on Digital Skills and Artificial Intelligence (AI) informed Chris’s approach to some of today’s key policy challenges, namely ensuring today’s citizens are equipped with the skills to benefit from the 4th Industrial Revolution and that ethical considerations and public good are firmly at the heart of developing Artificial Intelligence.