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Chris speaking in chamber

What should the government do with blockchain?

Today I’ll be asking the government what they have learnt from an ongoing trial in which benefits are paid to people via a system using blockchain (or distributed ledger) technology. A blockchain is an asset database that can be shared across several networks, and the trial – run by fintech company GovCoin and researchers at […]

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Lord Holmes and Lottie at side of Exhibition Road as taxi passes

Why did the blind man cross the road?

I have been campaigning for some time against a street design approach known as “shared space” which has, de facto, led to the creation of unsafe environments which discriminate against blind people and negatively impact the vast majority of users. The Department for Transport defines shared space as: “A street or place designed to improve pedestrian […]

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Hinkley – is there a point?

Despite the deals, dual fuel and constant noise about changing your supplier, domestic suppliers of energy still appear to make the process opaque and painful.  But if you think that’s pain, how about paying almost three times the market price for electricity, indexed to inflation for 35 years – that’s the Hinkley Point proposition.  A…Read […]

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I grew up in working class Kidderminster and am now in the House of Lords.  I haven’t the first idea how this came to pass but I guess social mobility must be in it somewhere. It was that and more which made me delighted to be part of the select committee on social mobility, our report…Read […]

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Thinking outside the box

Last Tuesday I took part in the debate considering the report of the Lords Communications Committee on Women in News and Current Affairs Broadcasting. The report was excellent, not least as a result of the superb stewardship of the Committee Chair, Lord Best. The picture painted by the report was not bright, a world far…Read […]

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If you can’t stand, you can’t sit

Friday saw the 2nd reading of Lord Faulkner of Worcester’s Accessible Sports Grounds Bill. Across the chamber there was support for what the Bill was seeking to achieve- reasonable access for disabled spectators to sports grounds, not least those of football’s Premier League.  I was delighted to take part in the debate on the Bill.…Read […]

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Time to stop sharing?

Today I have published detailed research into so called “shared space”.  This is the architectural conceit, the planning folly which proposes that the removal of kerbs, road markings, controlled crossings such as zebras and pelicans and so on leads to a better experience for all users of our streets.  To be clear this means no…Read […]

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