From specific campaigns on accessible stadia and accessible transport to a broader commitment to the principle of accessibility, Chris feels passionately that accessibility must be the “golden thread” that runs through everything.

Diversity and Inclusion

Chris has always appreciated the value of celebrating diversity and promoting inclusive practices and in 2015 was appointed as Diversity Adviser to the Civil Service. Also, throughout 2016, Channel 4s Year of Disability, he chaired YODA (Year of Disability Advisers).

Shared Space

Chris has become a leading figure in the anti-shared space movement. Shared space is a recent trend in urban planning and design that seeks to create a “a sense of space” by removing safe areas for pedestrians and cyclists. Often crossings and pavements are removed so that all road users “share” the space. Blind and visually impaired people are particularly effected and Chris has commissioned research on the problem and spoken out often about why it is so unsafe.


Chris’s personal and professional life is inextricably linked to sport, he is involved in campaigns to improve participation in sports, was part of the Channel 4 broadcast team for 2016 Paralympics in Rio and is being consulted by Tokyo Olympic organisers.

Unpaid Internships 

Chris has introduced a Private Members Bill calling for unpaid internships to be banned. The law, if enacted, would limit unpaid internships to just four weeks. Chris has described the practice as a “divisive and anti-competitive product of the past” and calls on his colleagues in Parliament to support the Bill.


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